Borderlands and breaking ice

This post may contain spoilers for Tales From The Borderlands and Cryostasis. If you’re planning on playing either of those you might want to read this later, perhaps. 

I’ve recently finished playing Borderlands 2, a 100-odd hour epic jaunt which I mostly enjoyed. While I had reached my fill of that game’s mechanics, I was not quite ready to leave the world that had been created, so I decided to whip through Telltale’s episodic Tales From The Borderlands adventure game to get my fill of Handsome Jack action. (Jacktion? Ew.)


Portal 2 (2011)

When I recently wrote up my experience of playing through a number of Valve games, I mentioned that I had thought Portal 2 had overdone it and wasn’t as good as its predecessor, the clean and slim Portal.

Having just completed Portal 2 on a second playthrough – commenced, weirdly, a year to the day that I first played it – I have to say that past me is a dick. Or, maybe I just needed to play it close on the sprung heels of the first to figure out how great it is. (more…)


It’s been a bit quiet around here. I’m indeed writing posts – I have several in unfinished states – but they’ve just not come together yet.

But I did build a computer. See?


I’ve only been putting it off for a decade or so now. If you’d like to know more about it, I’ve written a build review at Partpicker. Scintillating stuff, I’m sure, but what they say is true: if I can build a functional PC, then so can you.

More soon.