What is this?

Hi. If you’re reading this then you probably know me, or have read my stuff in the past and somehow expect that I’ll update more frequently this time around. This isn’t the same |lukelog| that some may remember but I am the same person.

(Well, as much as anyone can remain the same after 20-odd years.)


Portrait of the artist with assistant

I’m a writer, a musician and a procrastinator. (Well, a curmudgeon too.) Professionally, I’m an editor, and should probably do a bit more about flogging that side of things than I do.

So what happens here? Good question. I occasionally write reviews of books, games, albums and events. (Though if you prefer more gnomic examples of same, you should check out this page.) I’ll resurrect older reviews for the cringe factor. There’ll also be plenty of talk about other stuff. I mean, it’s a blog right?

Think of it as thinking aloud. In type. To strangers.

Wondering where to start? These musings are a reasonable place to begin, and are a little different from the review side of things. They include OCD-level examinations of what I’ve enjoyed over the years, and you get to read about me being cut up over Bowie’s death, so there’s that.

If there’s anything you’d like to say to me, feel free to comment or drop me an email at captainfez at gmail dot com. You can also punch out to any of the other destinations on my link list: most of the places I’m online are in there, should this drip-feed of posts not provide enough me for you. 


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