Month: February 2014

Shirley Temple meets Buzzo

You’ve probably heard about Shirley Temple’s death. Which means you’ve probably also heard The Good Ship Lollipop far too many times than is good for you.

Take some comfort in her passing from this fine article, reminding you that her daughter played with the Melvins.

Have some footage.

New split 12-inch review

My review of If, Bwana and Gerald Fiebig’s split 12-inch on Attenuation Circuit has gone live at Cyclic Defrost. You can listen to excerpts from the record here

Gerald Fiebig’s ‘Sustained Development’ features the same reedy organ tones, but with more organisation. They’re constructed in waves, creating a feeling of motion, of tidal drift. It’s a slow-burn piece, but seems more at home in the ambient Nurse With Wound part of the world; its slow iterations and feeling of bobbing, rising waves would sit well with any fans of NWW’s Salt Marie Celeste.

Read the rest here.