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New The House In The Woods review

My review of The House In The Woods’ Bucolica has been published over at Cyclic Defrost. I liked it so much I actually bought my own copy before I’d even finished writing the review.

A sample:

The principle of Bucolica appears to be obfuscation; snatches to gain orientation. ‘Untitled Blackniss’ is the sound of waiting, as something large and mechanised – accompanied by the pan-pipes of the damned – comes. ‘Dark Lanterns’ offers a feast of winds and pregnant statis, while ‘Favershell’ is a soundtrack to a procession of the devotees of Dagon, heard from a few streets over. You can hear something either excellent or fucked is occurring just over there – but you’re uncertain you need to see it. It’s not going to make you feel any better, is it?

Read the full review at Cyclic Defrost.

New Arche review

My review of the debut from Arche has been published on Cyclic Defrost.

Aside from the pads which flow over the track like bioluminescent waves, there’s a lot in opener ‘Elevate’ that would sit nicely on Coil’s Time Machines. The same late-period Coil approach to roiling, unfurling sounds is present, adding mystery to a soundscape that has distinct physical/inner-ear effects if played through headphones. It’s as if the listener is zapped with a ray gun of restful unease.

You can read the rest here.

New split 12-inch review

My review of If, Bwana and Gerald Fiebig’s split 12-inch on Attenuation Circuit has gone live at Cyclic Defrost. You can listen to excerpts from the record here

Gerald Fiebig’s ‘Sustained Development’ features the same reedy organ tones, but with more organisation. They’re constructed in waves, creating a feeling of motion, of tidal drift. It’s a slow-burn piece, but seems more at home in the ambient Nurse With Wound part of the world; its slow iterations and feeling of bobbing, rising waves would sit well with any fans of NWW’s Salt Marie Celeste.

Read the rest here. 

New Yellow6 review

Another Cyclic Defrost review has gone live. It’s a write-up of Yellow6‘s 5 EP, part of Silber Records’ 5 in 5 project. Five minutes, five songs. A buck to download. 

‘5.2’ sounds like Sling Blade-era Daniel Lanois, while ’5.3′ brings to mind Charlie Owen’s guitar work on Louis Tillett’s Midnight Rain. ‘5.4’ brings a venomous, plodding chunk to the mix, coupled with a howling noise which manages not to upset the measured, clean chord pluckings that command attention, leading to the EP’s final Godspeed You Black Emperor guitar-neighbourhood track.

The review is here.

New Carl Kruger review

My Cyclic Defrost review for Carl Kruger’s Sexist Tranny (out on Silber Records) has now gone live. A brief sample?

The prevailing feeling of the recordings – and their provenance is unknown, buried in multiple layerings and laptop manipulations – is that of deep space, or of machinery talking to itself. Opener ‘Dead Biz Novelle’ is the sound of gigantic terrestrial radios, tuning from bogs to the vistas of cold space. ‘Bead Hell Oven Zit’ is a record of someone dropping their keys down the back of a DEC PDP-9 while it complains, loudly.