A short interlude

One of my favourite bands has finally set up their Bandcamp page. Yes, this means if you’ve never heard of Oxbow (where have you been?) you can sample some of their music (and buy it shortly afterwards) over here. They’re prepping a new album which will almost certainly destroy the universe upon release, so until then check out this one:

Get on it.


God, I hate that word.

However, it’s the only thing which comes to mind while listening to VHS Logos. Here you go:

I came across them looking at stuff on Bandcamp tagged with the vaporwave name. Think of it as the musical equivalent of vaporware – software that there’s a bunch of buzz about only it never eventuates. This is as close to that idea in the form of music. It’s like slow jams played on a tape left in the sun too long. There’s something nostalgic about it – in a big-perm, Patrick Nagel kind of way – but also something corrupted, something rotten. It’s intangible cheese.

Listening to too much of it gives you a wicked ice-cream headache.

(More soon – playing through American McGee’s Alice and Alice: Madness Returns has taken up a bunch of my time because platforming plus 3D equals lots of dying.)

Hex Partners?

If you’re a Dirty Three or Hungry Ghosts kind of fan, this is going to be right up your alley. Doom-influenced acoustic guitar and violin with no vocals. From Canada. A description?

These are instrumental songs about our bodies, our brains, our nightmares & our failures.
We have buried our most sincere & terrible fears into these melodies & hope you can find the same catharsis by listening that we have achieved through writing them.
-s. & r.

Sounds good enough to me.