Unyoked with Miguel

We’ve just come back from some time away – not a huge amount of time, but some – in one of Unyoked‘s cabins.


Not pictured: oceans of cow shit en route.

Was it good? Overall, yes, but with a sprinkling of hmmm to add to the escape’s piquancy. (more…)

Book review: Another Kyoto

Another KyotoAnother Kyoto by Alex Kerr.
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the third of Kerr’s books I’ve read. The first, I found vital, the second not so much. So this sits neatly in the middle, for me. Where it departs from the first two books, though, is in its level of personality: in Another Kyoto I think the reader receives much more of a sense of the author as a person. (more…)