Fear not!

I am still alive!


Also, I am not one of those biblically-accurate angels, so I have not suddenly grown a couple of extra dozen eyeballs. Just so you know.

I have been pretty late on book reviews, but rest assured that I’m working on a megapost to cover what I’ve read since I last threw some words up here.

To hold you until then, however – and to make it a bit easier for myself – I’ve made a TBR? page. It contains the books I’ve put on those start-of-the-year lists of potential perusing, with links to be added when they’re knocked over.

You can check it out, should you wish, by clicking the link on the menu bar, or by clicking here.

Was this pointless busywork? Perhaps, but it at least feels like I’ve done something this Sunday.

So… hooray?


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