Day: July 18, 2015

Book review: My Lovely Ghost KANA, Volume 2

My Lovely Ghost KANA, Volume 2.My Lovely Ghost KANA, Volume 2 by Yutaka Tanaka
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It’s a little difficult to review this volume of the tale of Dai and Kana as it’s largely the same as that which came before: regular life interspersed with some well-shielded sex.

My feelings for it remain the same as they were when I wrote my review of the first volume: it’s nothing earthshattering, but it is pretty enjoyable, and seems a very true-to-life observation of how relationships change. There’s hints of greater darkness here – and the introduction of other characters to the apartment complex, though this hasn’t (yet) created any untoward drama – but it’s still pretty lighthearted. (more…)