Day: January 6, 2015

Book review: Charlatan: The Fraudulent Life of John Brinkley

Charlatan: The Fraudulent Life of John BrinkleyCharlatan: The Fraudulent Life of John Brinkley by Pope Brock
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If you ever planned on reading a book on goat testicles, it should probably be this one. It tells the story of John Brinkley, a master manipulator who made millions from the mania for manually mixing your own tired testicles with the most succulent slices of goat gonad for the bedroom-blastin’ revivification of your lacking lovelife, ladies and lethargic Lotharios!

Basically, the book is the less effective surgical version of this:

Brinkley’s story is a proper rags-to-riches tale, built on the back of a lot of nutsacks and a cavalier disregard (more…)