The buildings tumbled in on themselves

A brief post, as I’m neck-deep in deadline at present. Today’s post is what I’m currently listening to – Godspeed You Black Emperor’s F#A#∞ album. And, as happens whenever I listen after not hearing it for a long while, I’m amazed anew at how good it is.

Catastrophic intent, strings and reverb guitar. It’s still as searingly impressive as it was when I bought my first copy from a record store in Camden Town, sometime after it was released. I remember playing it on my Discman during the just-about-raining trip home, and feeling both euphoric and desolate. It’s epic in a non-cheesy way. It feels so much bigger than the listener, a beautiful thing made by broken people.

For a condensed version of why the band is great, there’s also Moya. A grand weeper if ever there was.

Back to it.

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