A year in the life…

A year in the life...

Almost all music I play on my computer at work is automatically pushed to a statistics/music info site called This is partially because I’ve been doing it so long (I’ve been a member since 2005) and partially because I’m a bit of a stats nerd. Though I have no statistical aptitude of my own – thanks, university stats – I enjoy seeing data and trends in a visual way. (more…)

I’m looking through you.

Partially related to yesterday’s post, which was supposed to be about album covers but drifted a little: this Flickr gallery of famous album covers as seen from behind is excellently playful.

The Kraftwerk one is a favourite – especially the tape holding things together – but the King Crimson one is pretty great too. Lots of knowing fun if you’re familiar with these discs, so I hope there’s more coming.

On the street where you live

Today’s enthusiasm: Guardian story where they’ve placed famous album covers on Google Maps’ Street View of the location the shot was taken.

It tickles my fancy somewhat, as it brings together two loves: maps and music. I was aware of the PopSpots site chronicling pop-culture locations in New York City (mostly), but it has always been presented as much more of a solid research, go-and-look-and-take-a-photo-of-the-place sort of endeavour. There’s also this piece, showing (amongst other things), how the site of the first Black Sabbath cover shoot looks today.

I suppose that it’s the ability to see something that we think is somehow mystical or not-quite-real – the album cover – in something as commonplace as a Google window. There’s certainly an interest in where these magical cover events take place – just check out this page about how to find where David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust album cover was shot (now the holder of one of those blue historical importance plaques) for an example. I suppose that now there’s an extra level to this nosey-parker stuff: with Street View we can see how things appear now. Or, if not now, then within spitting distance.