Hear ye, hear ye.

What to say?

Well, hello.

I’ve finally pushed back somewhere. I’m sure it’s annoyed at being pressed into service again after so many years, but that’s tough.

This site will (eventually) contain a bunch of my older reviews, as well as links to newly-written stuff – and maybe even the odd round of navel gazing.

My general torpor was interrupted when I found I could no longer find some of my reviews online without making use of the Wayback Machine. So I figured that it would be fun to rescue some of them from the gaping abyss of unpaid hosting bills.

I’m not sure how many of them are really worth reading – especially as I like to think that my writing has improved in the years since they were written – but I hope that you enjoy them anyway.

If you are here because you used to read |lukelog| I am pretty amazed that you even remember me, much less tolerate my lax update schedule.